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2007-07-28 01:44:10 by fistedbyskanky

Just to keep y'all informed (y'all being me and my imaginary friend), i submitted my first three audio submissions in a panic. I wrote fusion grooves and soon found that it would never, ever, appear on the audio portal new submissions list. I freaked, and tried submitting it again. Then I finished the song with percussion. Desert crusade is altogether different. Just so you know. (Just over 1/5?? Ow..).

I am also coming to a sad realization. No matter how hard you try, score editors just can't give you the kind of sound quality and results that actual recording software can. Unfortunately, all I have is garageband and audacity, and nothing but guitar and trumpet abilities to record live. Thus, I must hunt for a mixer. Meanwhile, everyone who listens to my music (as in my 2 songs), just turn up the volume biotch, otherwise it might be too quiet. Sorry bout that.